February 15, 2017

The Lenten Book Discussion

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We will be reading and discussing “Accidental Saints” by Nadia Bolz-Weber for Lent.

We will post a question from selected chapters and invite discussion in the comment section. The book is available online for download or at any bookstore.

WARNING: We are excited to welcome Rev. Nadia Bolz-Weber to St John’s in October, 2017. Her books and public engagements speak in a compelling and generous way to people on the margins, to young people, to people who feel like church is not a place they will be accepted and welcome. Rev. Bolz-Weber is able to connect because she is willing to speak about the difficult and broken places she has been in her own life. Her willingness to be open and her down to earth style reach those who need to hear that God loves them. However, her tattoos and language may be a barrier for those who are more conventional or mainstream. Be warned that her books are honest and that her language can be “colorful.” If you can look past that, you will be deeply moved and hopefully challenged by her message.

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